Christmas holiday time – a time for family.

Christmas festive season is a time to felicitate with our family and friends. It is a time to look back on the out going year and reflect on things that have happened. This year has been a year of struggles and challenges due to the covid – 19 pandemic.

A lot of people are awaiting the new year with some excitement as fresh things start to happen as new beginnings. So as you celebrate and make merry you should also reflect on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas decorations – ideas.

Create a charming festive style with some of these Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree comes is so any different colours such as gold, red, white these days.

You can also use baubles, tinsel, garlands that come in different gorgeous colours.

Fill your Christmas stockings with sweets and chocolates. Decorate your table with nice gold, red an white colours and add the Christmas crackers.

Guide to eating healthily.

Most diseases can be prevented by eating healthily. Our bodies respond to what is put into it. It is always right to start early to look after our health. Studies have shown that a diet lower in fat, protein and higher in complex carbohydrates decreases one’s risk of diseases. It is always advisable to reduce the consumption of meat, eggs, milk, butter, cheese and lard. Furthermore, it is good to increase the intake of foods containing lots of fibre, lots of fruits vegetables, assorted beans, whole grains. There is instant benefit when ones diet is modified to take care of the above suggestions. People feel healthier with regulated sugar and cholesterol levels thus leading to reduced chronic diseases.

The link between mind and body.

Most ailments that people suffer from may result from the state of the mind. Take a moment and have a realistic look at ways to ease ad manage your workload. Try some proven stress management techniques. The answer to solving your stress problems may not be because of so many files on our table but so many issues in our head. So it is a good idea to calm down, relax and manage our stress levels using proven stress management techniques.

Traditional healing practices, from Chinese medicine to the early Egyptians, make the link between mind and body. It’s only conventional Western science that doesn’t usually connect the two. Suppressed emotions can contribute to many health problems It is not clear exactly how it works, but hundreds of years of evidence have shown that disease can be linked to what’s going on in your mind’.

In addition, some diseases can be linked to specific emotions, lifestyle plays a major part, but studies have shown personality traits seem to predispose people tc certain illnesses, too.

So if you want to stay in good health, coming to terms with your emotions could help as much as eating your vegetables and going to the gym…

A breathe of fresh air. Strengthen your lungs.

As more pollution circulates in the air, more and more people are concerned with the quality of the air they breathe, and with good reason. It has been shown that even nonsmokers who live in high air pollution areas suffer with the same kind of symptoms that smokers do. A phenomenon known as secondary smoking.

The pollution in the air decreases the amount of oxygen that can actually get circulated in the blood. A prevalent ingredient in polluted air, carbon monoxide, actually binds with the oxygen in the blood, making it ineffective.

So what can we do?

  1. Exercise: Exercise strengthens the lungs and provides the system with more oxygen. During exercise, the lungs are trained to breathe more deeply while we increase their ability to expand.
  2. Good posture: Shallow breathing is often due to tight fitting clothes and poor posture. This causes blood to become impure because there is less oxygen for the system. Consequently, we become depressed, our concentration is lessened, and our digestion disrupted.
  3. Drink enough water: Water is essential for good respiration. The lungs are 75 percent water and we lose at least one pint of water in our exhaled breath each day.
  4. Air purifier: For those who drive daily in heavy traffic, a portable air purifier in your car would certainly be of great benefit. There are also purifying units for the home
  5. Water filter: It is a good idea to get water filter to purify the water that we drink especially in more polluted areas.

How to motivate your employees.

Hold regular meetings so that employees can express their views

Find out what motivates your staff as individuals.

Introduce training programmes and workshops

Create a blame-free environment so that staff can be innovative and learn from their mistakes

Make employees feel involved in company operations.



“Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur”

Ever wondered while some people seem to get the best jobs, and keep moving to even better jobs with all the good corporate companies or keep setting up viable businesses. Below, is how you too can do it.

Every organization has a unique culture that dictates behaviour that is expected. Performing successfully in one organization does not guarantee success in another. But corporate culture is near enough the same. So it is important that one start early to acquire the skills that will enable one to succeed. Before you look for employment, it is good to look at expectations that will prepare you for your entry into this maze of unwritten rules. Whether you intend to work for a company or set up your own business.