“Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur”

Ever wondered while some people seem to get the best jobs, and keep moving to even better jobs with all the good corporate companies or keep setting up viable businesses. Below, is how you too can do it.

Every organization has a unique culture that dictates behaviour that is expected. Performing successfully in one organization does not guarantee success in another. But corporate culture is near enough the same. So it is important that one start early to acquire the skills that will enable one to succeed. Before you look for employment, it is good to look at expectations that will prepare you for your entry into this maze of unwritten rules. Whether you intend to work for a company or set up your own business.

Remove the energy drainers

A major benefit in spring cleaning your life is the boost it provides to your energy flow. Successful people have more than enough energy -mental, physical and emotional -to carry their ideas and projects through to completion. Their energy visibly flows through them and can be contagious, captivating others and sweeping them along as things get done in double- quick time. To optimize your energy flow, you need to minimize your energy drains and maximize the energy coming into your life.

Clutter drains you of energy, so sort everything out, decide what to keep, throw out, give away, sell or store. Get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need or haven’t used in the last 12 months. Assign a home to everything you wish to keep and get organized to prevent the build up from

Warning over Pfizer covid – 19 vaccine.

There has been a WARNING over the Pfizer vaccine immunization as two NHS staff in the UK suffer ‘anaphylactoid reaction’ after getting the covid vaccination, both healthcare workers are recovering from the reactions’: Regulators have urged people with history of ‘significant’ allergies NOT to have the injection. This comes just 24 hours after Britain kicked off the covid – 19 vaccinations.

Covid-19 vaccinations commences.

The UK has started it’s covid-19 vaccinations. A 90 year old woman was the first to receive the approved Pfizer vaccine. The vaccination would be done in different stages starting with the vey elderly first. The different age groups would be done at different times as the vaccines become more available.

Mind your language – Develop the perfect communication skills.

Speaking is expected of virtually all of us whether we are managers or not. Often that means in formal business English and more often today in other languages as well. Employers will be assessing you on grammar, vocabulary size and use, and how effective you deliver your ideas.

You may think that your job role does not require speaking, perhaps thinking that your field does not require great oration, think again. Even in heavy content science areas like engineering, accounting and computer science, employers look for the employees who can present the ideas, influence clients, and communicate well in a team.

It is likely that speaking will not be the focus of your job, but it will be a factor in promotion and opportunity. If you are in a lab, the person who speaks for your team will be seen as the leader. In a clinical situation, clear instructions will be imperative for patient understanding and healthy behavior.

Attend courses on communication skills, if you are working on an accent perhaps you have a thick local accent, you might benefit from a speech coach. Some employers are looking for very precise speech. Stretch yourself by volunteering to represent your group whatever it might be. Employers will be paying attention to these experiences when you apply. Employers will be listening to see if you adjust your language usage to the situation and audience. Having just the skills of your discipline is never enough.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Tips on developing the right attitude for a very high altitude

1. Recognise and build on strengths-start with what is working well and go from there.

2. Know that people who have negative labels and judgements don’t help anybody not even themselves.

3. Notice that change can be fun and rewarding and notice the difference.

4. Have a flexible approach- when something isn’t working, it’s time to change. Don’t be so rigid.

5. Know when to display the softness and sensitivity attitudes.

6. Put a sense of humour and spontaneity into your day.

7. Remember all work and no play id nobody any good. So know that work is part of your life and find time to play too.

8. Cultivate a great rapport with colleagues. This is the best way to move up in work and business.

9. Identify your goals and focus on the outcomes. When you are clear about what you want you can head in the right direction.

10. Be a good communicator and listen at an empathic level the words are just part of the message, you need all your senses to connect with the world.

The power of good effective presentation.

The ability to make effective presentations can make or break your route to success. Presenting yourself in a positive way effectively means both getting your particular message across and making a lasting impression on your audience about yourself and the organization you represent.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to present themselves as early as possible in the life of their company. By mastering this skill, you will be able to raise more money faster, increase sales, facilitate mutually beneficial joint ventures, motivate employees and hire the very best people.

Experts believe that the best way to overcome your speaking anxiety is prepare, prepare, prepare. Nothing will relax you more than to know you are properly prepared. The following actions can help reduce your speech anxiety:

1. Check and know the room

2. Check and know your audience

3. Research and know your information or message you are passing across

4. Try and relax yourself

5. Imagine yourself giving the talk. Practice in front of a mirror

6. Know that the audience are wishing and want you to succeed

You have the power. Reaction is everything.

In life the reaction we give to actions being done to us makes all the difference between happiness and sadness. You know what they say that ten percent is action to us and ninety percent is our reaction to it. So one need to improve on how one reacts to whatever action that is metted towards us. If you do not take something serious it will surely loose it’s relevance. Make sure to trivialise actions that bother us so that they can loose their value and therefore stop bothering us. You have the power to improve your life and be happy.

Are you getting enough minerals.

Minerals are a vital part of having a healthy life. But most people do not know that they are not getting the recommended daily allowance nor how to go about getting it.

Calcium is vital in maintaining bone strength and statistics show that most women are falling short of the recommended 1,000mg per day intake which helps prevent the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis and reduces the symptoms of PMS.

Milk is by far the best source of calcium and is also rich in phosphorous, potassium and magnesium, which help the body absorb it. Other sources include dairy products, canned fish with bones, green leaf vegetables and tofu, but it’s hard to get enough calcium if you don’t drink milk. So get into the white stuff. The good news is, there’s yoghurt available everywhere these days. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are also vital sources off minerals.

Gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas is a time of giving and showing love to our family and friends. Remember it is the thought that counts. This particular year have been hard for so many people due to the pandemic. Bearing this in mind the most gift that we got this year is that we have our health intact.

To show some love to family and friends , here are some of the gift ideas we have assembled to help with your Christmas shopping list.

  1. Christmas Jumper
  2. Moisturising packs
  3. Bedroom slippers
  4. Cudly toys
  5. Chocolate
  6. Arts and crafts
  7. Boards games
  8. Books
  9. Electronics such as phones, tablets and so on.
  10. Gift voucher or money.