The power of good effective presentation.

The ability to make effective presentations can make or break your route to success. Presenting yourself in a positive way effectively means both getting your particular message across and making a lasting impression on your audience about yourself and the organization you represent.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to present themselves as early as possible in the life of their company. By mastering this skill, you will be able to raise more money faster, increase sales, facilitate mutually beneficial joint ventures, motivate employees and hire the very best people.

Experts believe that the best way to overcome your speaking anxiety is prepare, prepare, prepare. Nothing will relax you more than to know you are properly prepared. The following actions can help reduce your speech anxiety:

1. Check and know the room

2. Check and know your audience

3. Research and know your information or message you are passing across

4. Try and relax yourself

5. Imagine yourself giving the talk. Practice in front of a mirror

6. Know that the audience are wishing and want you to succeed

You have the power. Reaction is everything.

In life the reaction we give to actions being done to us makes all the difference between happiness and sadness. You know what they say that ten percent is action to us and ninety percent is our reaction to it. So one need to improve on how one reacts to whatever action that is metted towards us. If you do not take something serious it will surely loose it’s relevance. Make sure to trivialise actions that bother us so that they can loose their value and therefore stop bothering us. You have the power to improve your life and be happy.

Are you getting enough minerals.

Minerals are a vital part of having a healthy life. But most people do not know that they are not getting the recommended daily allowance nor how to go about getting it.

Calcium is vital in maintaining bone strength and statistics show that most women are falling short of the recommended 1,000mg per day intake which helps prevent the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis and reduces the symptoms of PMS.

Milk is by far the best source of calcium and is also rich in phosphorous, potassium and magnesium, which help the body absorb it. Other sources include dairy products, canned fish with bones, green leaf vegetables and tofu, but it’s hard to get enough calcium if you don’t drink milk. So get into the white stuff. The good news is, there’s yoghurt available everywhere these days. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are also vital sources off minerals.

Gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas is a time of giving and showing love to our family and friends. Remember it is the thought that counts. This particular year have been hard for so many people due to the pandemic. Bearing this in mind the most gift that we got this year is that we have our health intact.

To show some love to family and friends , here are some of the gift ideas we have assembled to help with your Christmas shopping list.

  1. Christmas Jumper
  2. Moisturising packs
  3. Bedroom slippers
  4. Cudly toys
  5. Chocolate
  6. Arts and crafts
  7. Boards games
  8. Books
  9. Electronics such as phones, tablets and so on.
  10. Gift voucher or money.

Eat right to get it right.

Did you know that most heart disease is reversible when we follow the right eating pattern. So eat right to get it right.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get off to a good start on a healthy diet:

  1. It is better to bake, boil or steam foods, rather than fry. You can also bake your chips in the oven.
  2. Endeavour to eat more raw foods at every meal, either fruits or vegetables. Use a little lemon juice on salads instead of salad dressings high in fat.

3. Try to avoid between meal snacks. Research shows that snacking shuts down the digestive process to start another one. Consequently, digestion of previously eaten food is hindered.

4. It is very important to avoid foods that have hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenation changes the chemical structure of an oil by adding hydrogen atoms which saturate the unsaturated fats.

5. Check how you eat. It is better not eat too fast. This disallows proper digestion, which begins in the mouth, and tends to lead us to overeat, because the taste buds are not satisfied.

6. Make an effort to set a schedule for your day with a specific time to eat, exercise, rest and then do everything you can to stick with it. Once you are doing this for a while, your life will seem less stressful and you will feel better.

Five tips for good health.

  1. Exercise: Gentle and mild exercises are encouraged. Exercise strengthens the lungs and provides the system with more oxygen. During exercise, the lungs are trained to breathe more deeply while we increase their ability to expand.
  2. Good posture: Practice deep breathing. Shallow breathing is often due to tight fitting clothes and poor posture. This causes blood to become impure because there is less oxygen for the system. Consequently, we become depressed, our concentration is lessened, and our digestion disrupted.
  3. Drink enough water: Make sure you take enough water. Water is essential for good respiration. The lungs are 75 percent water and we lose at least one pint of water in our exhaled breath each day.
  4. Air purifier: Get an air purifier. For those who drive daily in heavy traffic, a portable air purifier in your car would certainly be of great benefit. There are also purifying units for the home

5. Eat good food: Aim to have good nutrition. Nutritious food is always good for us. It keeps us nourished and helps boosts our moods. Go for healthy fruits, vegetables, fibre, lean meat, nuts and whole foods.

Stop bottling up your feelings.

Bottling up one’s feelings can actually led to heart disease a study found out. It is a god idea to stand up and speak out for all the things stressing you out. ‘Suppressed feelings can be associated with heart disease. Keeping a lid on your anger and sweeping things under the carpet can certainly rise your blood pressure and could even cause heart spasms. A Belgian study found that heart patients who were socially inhibited and therefore unable to seek support, were four times more likely to have a second heart attack, while other research at Duke University Medical Center in the US showed those who were lonely or isolated-so less able to share their feelings- had a significantly higher risk of dying from heart disease. But before you let all that anger out by flying off the handle, other studies have suggested a hot temper may also be bad news for your heart. So be careful and know wen not exceed yourself.

Help yourself and for the habit of talking over your feelings with your partner or a friend. It is also a good idea to boost your nutrition by consuming more fruits , vegetable and fibre for overall wellbeing.

Be assertive.

Being assertive is a very pool to a great life. A life in which you will be confident and appear in control to your peers an people around you. Did you know that ‘No’ is an extremely powerful word which, in the early stages of transforming your life, can be most useful. The life coaching process itself encourages you to be positive and assertive. But often before you can do this you need to learn to say ‘no’ to anything or anyone that drains your energy and is not in your best interests.

In this busy world, where we’re all encouraged to be upbeat and positive and to say ‘yes’, many of us find it extremely difficult to say ‘no’. If you’re someone who is always chasing around after others, it’s highly likely that you need to learn to be in control of your life and start saying ‘no’ a lot more than you currently do. If something isn’t enhancing your life, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it worthwhile? Is it to please other people? Has it outlived its purpose in your life? If you don’t have a very good reason for doing something, just say ‘no’ to it! If you find it difficult, practice.

Stand in front of a standing mirror and let your mouth form the word ‘no’. Next time you’re faced with a request, buy yourself time by saying, ‘Can I think about it? or it depends. These two sentence will change your lfe in an enhancing way.

Someone once said, ‘if you never say “no”, then what is your “yes” worth?’ If you think about this for a minute, by saying ‘no’, what you are doing is creating the space for your ‘yes’ to really mean something.

Develop an inspirational environment.

A clean and well organized environment is vital to having inspiration and peace of mind. It is a good idea to develop an inspirational environment, both at home and at work. Create a tranquil, harmonious home as one of the cornerstones of your life. If the space you inhabit has a positive atmosphere, you’re more likely to be in a position to operate at your best.

Do you like the area where you live? Do you like the area where you work? If it’s not ideal, what can you do to make the best of it? Is your home somewhere you can relax and recharge? Does it suit your preferred lifestyle?

Sometimes small changes like changing the lighting, adding shelving, fresh flowers, music, pictures-can make a big difference. At work, adding plants and making sure you have a clear desk and tidy files can give you more energy to be productive. Think what you can do to improve your own space.

Remove the energy blocks.

In order to progress fully, one need to remove the stagnant energy blockers. Once the energy blocks, clutters, limiting beliefs have been taken care of, you’ll find you’ve created more space in your life for positive energy. Consider what you can do to get more of this.

  • Who and what gives you mental and emotional energy, inspiration and zest for life?
  • What specific changes can you make to your health and well-being to increase your physical energy?
  • Take action to integrate these energy boosters into your day-to-day life!

Remember, to change your life, you need to change your approach and motivate yourself on your own terms. What works for you as an individual may not work for someone else. The more you understand yourself, the greater the likelihood of overcoming your resistance to blocks in your life.

Think back to a time when you felt motivated and in charge. What was happening around you? Connect regularly to your own source of motivation and you’ll maintain the momentum to- blast through any blocks!