Tips on fine dinning

Tips on good eating etiquette while dinning out.

  1. Order foods that can be eaten with a knife and fork. Finger foods are best left for informal dinners.
  2. Do not drink too much alcohol when dinning out, it is distasteful and one can get drunk.
  3. Sit up straight at the table.
  4. Keep your hands on your laps or resting on the table. Do not lean on the table.
  5. Do not season your food before you have tasted it.
  6. Keep your knife and fork together when you have finished or have had enough to eat.
  7. Do not blow on the food if it is hot. Let the soup or whichever food cool to the temperature that you can comfortably eat it.
  8. Do not talk with a mouth full of food.
  9. Tear out the piece of bread you want to eat, butter it and then eat it. Repeat the process until the bread is finished.
  10. Engage in mild conversation that is pleasant.
  11. Do not draw your drinks sip them.