The saboteurs of self realisation.

The following tips are the saboteurs, which tend to constitute Stumbling blocks, to self realisation.

• Fear

Any one that is afraid to make mistake cannot identify with success. A person who is afraid to take risks, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing. Risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

• Doubt

Feeling of inadequacy and low self esteem.

• Procrastination

Inaction; a state of sit down and do nothing hoping that things will fizzle away. Twill do it tomorrow is usually the answer. A life embroiled in constant indecision due to fear of unknown.

• Stagnation

Staying in one place for too long. If it is not moving, it is probably not working and a clear sign for an unachievable goal.

• Lack of Faith

Not believing that your goals are attainable. Statements like, “I am never lucky, a bridge only breaks only when I come on it, or Antelopes only climb frees when I join the hunting”, are common examples. The following is a true story: An event occurred recently at the law school, Lagos. Hostel accommodation was acute and purely on luck and it was decided by lucky dip. Barrister C believed his luck and he always does, while his friend told him that he was never lucky saying, “when it comes to things like this, forget it. I better look for a private accommodation elsewhere”, he said. As they cued up, his fiend was far behind. On his turn Mr C picked yes from the bag while his friend came ten minutes later to pick. “Aha! It is a NO” he shouted. “Go thy faith has set thee free” the bible said.

• Distraction There are three categories of people to watch:

(1) High energy low attitude – The are cynics. Tell them to build a bridge across the river Niger, and all that you get are countless reasons what it cannot be done. They are the detractors and they discourage every good idea. They are reactive rather than proactive. They blame, complain, accuse, behave like victims, pick on other people’s weakness. Avoid them in your team

(2) Low energy high attitude. They come with good attitude, promising, but lack the energy to deliver their promises. They are neither reactive nor proactive. They are time wasters.

(3) High energy high attitude. These class of people are the achievers and sustainers. They are positive people and they make things happens and belong to the winning team. They are proactive.

Good old salt- Regulate your salt intake for a better health.

Salt is very impoetaant to us as human beings. In the body, salt is as important to humans as water or air, in fact each If us contain from four to eight ounces of salt. Salt helps maintain the normal volume of blood in the body; helps keep the correct balance of water in and around cells and tissues. It is necessary for the formation and proper function of nerve fibres, which carry impulse to and from the brain, plays art important part in digestion and is essential in making the heart beat correctly.

The easiest way to check your salt usage is to reduce what you add whilst cooking and at the table whlist eating. Secondly, beware of using stock cubes for flavouring which are also high in salt. While you may find your food tastes bland initially its worth preserving. It normally takes about two to three weeks for your taste buds to adjust. Here are some easy ways to cut your salt intake Without too much effort.

I. Use herbs and spices other than salt like ginger and cumin, cinnamon, parsley.

2 Be creative and use wine, home made stock, garlic, lemon juice and vinegars to enhance the taste of your meal.

3 Choose low salt/sodium versions of food when available.

4. Cut down on convenence foods which are heavily salted-bacon cheese, pickles smoked fish and ready made meals.

5 Choose canned vegetables and pulses labelled as no added salt and where possible opt for fresh or frozen vegetables instead

6 Avoid using stock cubes-make your own or use low salt boullion powder

7. Cut down on ally sauces like soy Worcester hire sauce, mustard and tomato ketchup.

8, if using butter or margarine Choose – unsalted verities

9 Avoid fast foods Burger king children’s meal (cheeseburger, small fries and small cola) contains 3.3g salt which is over the daily target for children.

10. Always check labels on processed foods for the amount of sodium they contain

11. Eat more fruit and vegetables as increasing your intake at potassium rich foods helps to lower the sodium levels in the body

12. Don’t be fooled in to thinking sea salt is better. Although there are traces of minerals in salt.

13. Low salt replacements are available but it is better to get into the habit of not adding salt to foods

Recipe for Nigerian jollof rice.- A heart warming meal everyone likes.




Chicken, Diced beef

Vegetable oil

Tomatoe puree

Onions, garlic, ginger, thyme, curry, seasoning, salt, pepper

Lettuce, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, mixed peppers


Steam the chicken and meat with diced onions, garlic, ginger, thyme, curry, seasoning, salt and pepper. Then more water to the chicken to make a lot of stock.

Wash the rice and soak in hot water.

Heat up vegetable oil in the another pot and add salt and chopped onions. Fry the onions until golden brown. Add the tomatoe puree and fry, add curry, thyme, seasoning, pepper.

Add the rice in the fried tomato puree and turn. Decant the stock from the chicken and meat. Pour the stock into the rice then turn. Allow to simmer for around thirty minutes depending on the rice.

Heat up some oil in the frying pan and fry the chicken and meat until golden brown.

Dice up the lettuce, cucumber, salad tomatoes and mixed peppers.

Arrange on the plate and serve.

Celebrate your sucess.

Always celebrate your success and form the habit of paying yourself before anyone else. Afterall, charity, they say begins at home, that is to say that being good to others begins with being good to yourself and acknowledging your own worth, value and success. While being mindful of your financial goals, treat yourself to something special, something that satisfy your heart and your soul. Go to a restaurant, eat special healthy meal, entertain yourself and buy yourself good outfit you’ve been wanting, or that piece of jewelry that caught your eye. On the road to success, be sure to recognise each step you take, and reward yourself accordingly. Pray, plan, prepare and pursue your goal passionately. Persist and believe that you are worthy and capable of achieving your goals and it will be yours.

In summary, use the value of the present to prepare for the success of tomorrow and immerse yourself in the presence of good friends while basking in the presence of positive energy. The combination of encouragement, spiritual healing, good health and positive thinking will propel you towards today’s dreams and tomorrow’s reality.

How to have a winner attitude.

Everyone of us wants to win in everything we do. A winner’s attitude needs to be cultivated in order to achieve this. It is important to realise that no one gets anywhere alone. It is imperative to surround yourself with positive people who are like-minded, people with positive attitude and who will always encourage you to reach your goals.

We are created to connect with one another in bearing in mind that no man is an island as the saying goes. Connecting with others with similar goals and dreams will not only provide you with valuable support, it will also give you network of people who will hold you accountable for the goals that you have set. Friends, family members, church members and co-workers can create a solid foundation of inspiration and resources.


The cliche ‘your destiny is in your own hands’ means exactly what it said. Only us can change our lives for good. Trying to live someone else’s dream is an effort in futility. Learning to live to the fullest begins with unleashing your specific purpose and your personal potential. You must decide what your personal mission statement is starting right now, one that embodies your values, your ambitions and your long-term goals. Put these ambitions in form of a vision board. With a personal mission statement you have a foundation on which to build your future aspirations and internal guide for everyday living and success.

In the event that you are lost, distracted or pulled towards another direction, your vision board serves as an internal compass to keep you centered and focused on your objectives. If you can see it, you can achieve it. The vision board reminds you of the goals you have set. Placing your vision board in front of you as a daily reminder is a continual source of motivation. If you spend a great deal of time in the office, use your computer to send yourself “to do” reminders via e-mails. Paste your vision board in places that you spend a lot of time in like your home , office and even the car. This helps you to visualize a clear path of where you want to go and how you are going to get there.


Create an Inspirational Environment at Home and at Work.

Developing an inspirational environment, both at home and at work, is a key element of your launch pad. Create a tranquil, harmonious home as one of the cornerstones of your life. If the space you inhabit has a positive atmosphere, you’re more likely to be in a position to operate at your best.

Do you like the area where you live? Do you like the area where you work? If it’s not ideal, what can you do to make the best of it? Is your home somewhere you can relax and recharge? Does it suit your preferred lifestyle?

Sometimes small changes like changing the lighting, adding shelving, fresh flowers, music, pictures-can make a big difference. At work, adding plants and making sure you have a clear desk and tidy files can give you more energy to be productive. Think what you can do to improve your own space.

• What changes do you want to make to your home?

• What changes do you want to make to the area where you work?

Watch out – that acne or eczema could be due to stress.

So many skin conditions could be linked to stress. It’s a vicious circle with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Once you have a skin condition, it can cause low self-esteem but there’s evidence that strong emotions can trigger it in the first place. Stress can lead to outbreaks of acne as it encourages the production of the androgen hormones that cause spots. A 2003 study in the journal Archives of Dermatology found students experienced significant worsening of acne during exams. Stress also plays a role in psoriasis and eczema, although it’s not known exactly how-but the fact that stress slows skin healing by up to 40% may be connected to this.

Help yourself

Try repeating the following affirmation ten times every morning and evening to boost your self- esteem. ‘ I am beautiful, I know who I am and I love who I am, I am wonderful, and I love and accept myself as I am right now.’ Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to beat stress. Try something fun, such as dancing to a song you like and other indoor games or exercises, to give yourself a shot of endorphin feel-good factor

Speak up – don’t bottle it up.

It is a good habit to speak up for things we believe or even when we feel hard done by so don’t bottle things up or sweep events under the carpet hoping they will go away.

Suppressed feelings can be associated with heart disease. Keeping a lid on your anger can certainly rise your blood pressure and could even cause heart spasms. A Belgian study found that heart patients who were socially inhibited and therefore unable to seek support, were four times more likely to have a second heart attack, while other research at Duke University Medical Center in the US showed those who were lonely or isolated-so less able to share their feelings- had a significantly higher risk of dying from heart disease. But before you let all that anger out by flying off the handle, other studies have suggested a hot temper may also be bad news for your heart.

Help yourself Get into the habit of talking over your feelings with your partner or a friend.Diet can also help you calm down. Boosting your intake of garlic and ginger will help lower your blood pressure, while a meal containing yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables will help fatty deposits in arteries, and their bright colour properties should give you a lift, too!

How to solve problems that come up during project management.

Project managers face some unexpected problem during the cycles of project management. Listed below are some problems that one can face in a project management cycle and some possible solutions.


a. Loss/absence of a team member

Possible Solutions

(1) Plan back ups for each critical team Member. Analyse the skills you need and try to make sure at least two team members posses each skill


b. Vendor delays in shipping supplies.

Possible Solutions              

(1) Always check references of the vendor

Materials, or equipment

(2) Plan alternate sources for critical


(3) Plan regular follow-up for tracking

(4) Use incentive or penalty plans

(5) Look for possible substitutions


Over allocation or unavailability        

Possible solutions            

(1) Plan contingencies for critical

Of critical resource resources                         

(2) Shift resources from non-critical

tasks or projects

(3) Reschedule non-critical tasks

(4) Contract out

(5) Hire additional people


Budget slippage         

Possible solutions                                                

(1) Eliminate nonessential elements

(2) Look for cheaper substitutions

(3) Go beyond the contract to offer a bonus for improved cost or deliver

Project Management Success Tip: Keep a master file of the problems you encounter and your solutions (whether they worked or not). I f you encounter a problem once, you will likely encounter it again, and next time you will know what worked or what didn’t.