Health benefits of being fit.

Health benefits of being fit.

If you like being fit, it’s perfectly normal to have a lot of questions going around in your head. For instance, what’s the best fitness activity to participate in? How do I get the most out of being fit? How long should the fitness activity last?

Often, the hardest part of getting fit is taking the first step. Here are some simple steps to help you start.

To start being F.I.T.

To make physical improvements, you need to work your body harder than usual. This is referred to as the overload principle. As your body becomes more conditioned, you need to increase the frequency, intensity, or time of your workouts in order to continue improving your fitness level.

Frequency: How often you exercise. For beginners, consider starting with 2-3 sessions per week.

Intensity: How hard you exercise. For example, the pace you walk or run, the amount of weight you lift, or your heart rate count.

Time: How long you perform an activity. ‘Time” can also refer to the number of sets or repetitions you perform in weight training.

Be healthy and enjoy life.

Be Happy

Most of us want to be healthy and enjoy our lives. Listed below are some good habits that can help.

  1. Maintain your weight, so that you are neither overweight or underweight.
  2. Have a regular eating habits with no snacking between meals.
  3. Try and eat a hearty and well balanced breakfast
  4. Try and stop excessive consumption of alcohol
  5. Treat yourself to about seven to eight hours of sleep every
  6. Stay with a moderate and consistent exercise program
  7. Do not smoke

According to this study, “The researchers discovered among other things, that people aged 45 who practiced at least six of these health habits would normally live 33 more years. That means a 150 percent return on the investment and better enjoyment of life as well.

These seven health habits will definitely make a positive impact on the quality and longevity of your life. But the seven golden laws of health will help you live even more healthily, and longer.

These eight natural remedies are: Pure Water, Fresh Air, Rest, Temperance, Sunlight, Exercise, healthy diet.

Live everyday to the fullest.

Don’t let life pass you by

Become more present in each moment. Give yourself time to slow down, notice all the details of your day-today life and take advantage of the external and internal cues around you. As you pay more attention to your world and have an open, receptive state of mind, you’ll start to see more and increase your awareness of flow. This is a time for inspiration and gaining new insight and fresh perspectives on things. When you’re caught up in a fast-paced goal-driven life, you can fall into the trap of living in the future and overlooking the magic of the present. But when you pay attention to the moment, you’ll probable be pleasantly surprised by the great opportunities that are staring you in the face, simply waiting to be noticed! Enjoy the outdoors. Notice the nature around you.

Facial eczema and what can help you.

Eczema of the face can be particularly distressing for sufferers because it is exposed for all to see.

It can affect confidence and interfere with daily fife, especially if the problem is long standing Eczema of the face may have a similar appearance to eczema involving other areas of the body, with redness, dryness and sometimes cracking and weeping.

Atopic eczema is the most common cause of facial eczema. It usually begins in childhood, most often in the first year of life between two and six months, but as with atopic eczema affecting other parts of the body, it may continue for many years into adulthood. The cheeks and forehead are frequently involved first, but the whole face may be affected along with other areas of the body. Itching, dryness and redness are the main symptoms, but burning and stinging can also occur. Scratching may cause thickening of the skin and it may darken in colour particularly on dark skinned individuals. As with all forms of atopic eczema, the exact cause isn’t clearly understood. Both inbuilt genetic factors and the influence

It is estimated that 1 in 10 of the adult population, and one fifth of school age children have eczema. So you are not alone. To help soothe your eczema, try applying shea butter. Shea butter acts as an emollient, so it might help soften or smooth the dry skin. It might also help in reducing swelling and puffiness.

The Benefits of garlic.

A large number of studies have implicated garlic and onions in the reduction of in humans, especially cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Garlic consumption had a direct association with decreases in stomach cancer in a large population China study. This held true for both raw and cooked garlic. The Chinese garlic study drew a direct correlation between consumption of garlic and other Allium vegetables, such as onions, and a decreased risk for stomach cancer. (The study also reports a sudden epidemic of bad breath and an increase in tic tac consumption.) In this garlic study, people consuming the greatest amount of garlic (64 g/day) and onions had only 40 percent the risk of stomach cancer of those consuming the lowest amount of garlic (less than 32 g/day). A very large epidemiological study for Americans was published in which the intake of 127 foods (including 44 vegetables and fruits) was determined in 41,387 women (ages 55-69) followed by a five-year monitoring of colon cancer incidence. The most striking result of this “Iowa Women’s Health Study” was the finding that garlic was the only food which showed a statistically significant association with decreased colon cancer risk.

For cancers anywhere in the colon, the modest consumption of one or more servings of garlic (fresh or powdered) per week resulted in a 35% lower risk, while a 50% lower risk was found for cancer of the distal colon. Although this study of 127 foods did not include onions, several other epidemiological studies have shown that onions and other Allium species including garlic are usually associated with decreased gastrointestinal cancer risk.

Garlic as an Antioxidant Garlic helps to prevent the oxidation of blood fats, another major contributor to the development of arteriosclerosis and other forms of heart disease. Thus garlic is an also.

The susceptibility of blood fats to oxidation was reduced by 34 percent in a short two-week garlic study. This was a garlic study of 10 people who took a daily dose of 600mg of garlic powder tablets, compared to a placebo control group. In a laboratory study of garlic effectiveness, aged garlic protected blood vessel cells from damage by oxidized LDL cholesterol.

Chase after your aspirations- Don’t let them wither away.

Most people have aspirations they want to achieve in life. However, as we all know living life is complicated. As a result of this complication a lot people begin to loose interest in their aspirations or even forget them altogether. This reason is because they believe their aspirations are now unattainable. This is how to realise your aspirations.

Each evening, look at your aspirations and make a list of what you will do the next day in order to move towards your goals.

Bring about real changes in attitudes

You have to become aware of what it is that you are doing that you want to change. To change your behaviour, it’s more effective to work at a higher logical level, to see how it fits with your beliefs, identify the overall purpose. Bear in mind that whatever attitude you want to change has to bring you closer to achieving your aspirations. But always incorporate time to think and visualise. Give yourself time but work hard at it. Before you know it the puzzles will start to fit it.

Rediscover yourself.


You must see yourself differently as we enter these ‘ember months. This is the time to reevaluate our lives especially during this pandemic. The mad rush to Christmas is starting as our ambition to break through life barriers builds up. These barriers include Social, financial, relationship, tribal etc. Whatsoever yours is or are, you must see through the magnifying glass to identify the end results.

A metaphorical story by a local church priest illustrates this perfectly well. Here it goes: A tree surgeon otherwise known as wood cutter makes daily trip to the market to sell just enough to feed himself for the day. On one occasion while on his usual trip, a man stopped him to dish out an advice. He said, “why don’t you cut and sell enough to last you for a week at least so that you don’t have to make these daily trips.” “Why that?” the surgeon asked. “So that you make sufficient amount to feed and buy yourself a wheel barrow, that will make your profession easier”. “After wheel barrow what next”, Mr tree surgeon said. The man told him that after that he could then go ahead to build a house as the wheel barrow would assist him to make more money. The tree surgeon appeared adamant and replied saying, “what next after building a house to live”. The man told him that he would go ahead to build an estate for rents and regular income. “Ok. after that what next”, he said again. “Of course after an estate you can now relax”, the man told him. The surgeon shouted, “what a long process to achieve relaxation”. He then told the man that he was relaxed doing his job.

Before beginning the journey of self-renewal, you must be willing to admit that you need improvement, development, correction and encouragement. Cut out the old habits, the bad relationships or the unhealthy attitudes that are success saboteurs. Be willing to admit deficiencies in your character, your skills your habits and lifestyle. Denial in any form will cause you to procrastinate and resist growth. Whether it’s poor time management, poor money management, low self-esteem, fear or doubt, you must identify the obstacles that are holding you back before taking the steps to overcome them.

‘NO’ is a complete sentence.

Build your confidence by knowing when to say No. ‘No’ is a complete sentence and it is an extremely powerful word to use when we are trying to empower ourselves. Whilst living our lives, we are encouraged to be positive and proactive. This makes many people to say yes very often hence turning them into overwhelmed or burdened individuals. However, in order to have a balanced life in which you feel confident and in control, you have to learn to say ‘no’ to anything or anyone that drains your energy and is not in your best interests.

If you are someone who is a people pleaser then it’s quite clear that you need to learn to say ‘no’ a lot more than you currently do. If something is not improving or nourishing your life, ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it worth the effort? Has it outlived its usefulness in your life? If you feel that you don’t have a very good reason for doing something, just say ‘no’ to it. Mind you that it will take some practice from you but you will get there. By saying ‘no’ when you can not do somethings means that when you do say ‘yes’ it is highly valued and thereby bestowing power on you.