Reasons why entrepreneurs quit.

  • No clear and direct goals- so no focus
  • No interest in acquiring special knowledge needed to continue- no continuous learning
  • Indifference – being alright with half measure
  • Wishing instead of willing – building castles in the air
  • Looking for shortcuts to success – making it overnight syndrome
  • Fear of criticism – that is constructive advice from a mentor or some like that.

Failure is part and parcel of a winning formula. The following should guide you when you feel like quitting and remember winners never quit and quitters never win.

  • Failing puts you through hell but you have to keep trying.
  • The greater your ambition, the bigger the stakes, the more painful it is to fail- have winner takes all mentality
  • Failing doesn’t make you a failure- know that it the process or journey that really makes you a winner.
  • Failing isn’t about falling down but refusal to get up- know that if you don’t fail you can’t succeed.
  • If anything, the winners in today’s world fail more than anyone because they learn from their mistakes.
  • Successful athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs fail at all stages of their careers.
  • What makes you a winner isn’t avoiding failure, it’s overcoming it.
  • Failing sets you back it costs you time and money and effort but it teaches you how to succeed.
  • The key is to keep looking forward- keep moving.
  • Turning past failures into future success is what winning and life is all about.