Tips for eating more fruits and vegetables.

You eat healthy and you feel good about it. You avoid fatty foods except on special occasions. You choose a salad over a burger and meat pie every time. It sounds good but sorry to say, it probably isn’t. The best bits in that salad, i.e., the dressing, mean you are likely to be ingesting about the same amount of fat as you would if you ate a small hamburger and meat pie. Salads can be a fat trap. So if you’re eating them as a low-fat alternative, pack it full of greenery and order your dressing on the side.

Ignoring The Risk Of Yeast Infections.

Nearly seventy-five percent of all adult women have had at least one yeast infection, also known as genital candidiasis, in their lifetime (rarely, men can experience it, too), so most of us are familiar with the unpleasant symptoms of itching, discomfort and discharge. Generally, a weakened immune system, pregnancy or taking antibiotics can be blamed but you can also trigger an attack by wearing clothes that restrict the airflow, like tight-fitting jeans and tight (for okada riders) without a cotton panel, or using harsh soaps, medicated soaps and perfumed products. Avoid these and you cut the risk of an attack. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t pass it on to a partner. While he may have no symptoms, chances are he’ll just pass it back to you just as you thought you were on the road to recovery.

Tips on how to be organised.

1. Get your surroundings both at home and work to be

de-cluttered and inspiring

2. Get your bedroom to be well organized and your bed

made comfortable

3. Any paperwork, correspondence and

receipts are filed away neatly.

4. Removed and clear away anything.

 at home or work that irritates and annoys you.

5. You don’t have a lot of things that you are Procrastinating to do

6. You never do something because you feel you should or ought to do it

7. You don’t overload your life with too much

ambitions and unrealistic goals.

8. You have got rid of people and relationships that drag

you down with negative influence

9. You are now prepared and ready To go from

impossibility to possibilities

10. You are getting happier.