Five tips for happiness.

1. Make sure you have friends who make you laugh. That’s what’s friends are for.

2. Act on your vision. Don’t let your vision and goals go to waste.

3. Invest in reading good news. Most of the world’ news are bad and if that’s all you read, you’ll think nothing good ever happens. Look for stories that inspire or move you, that show the strength of the human spirit or how much good there is in the world.

4. The brain answers the questions its is asked, so ask your brain good questions all the time, Stop asking yourself negative questions like ‘Why am I so sad or angry? Instead ask your brain, ‘What would make me so happy today?’ or ‘What type of fun am i going to have this week? That way, your brain will find the right answers for you and make you happy.

5. Go for simplicity, take daily baby steps towards your big dreams, One step at time. It’s easy to clog up to-do lists with daily time consuming chores like (shopping, cooking or cleaning), but make room for your assessing and achieving your aspirations.

Simple things to boost your energy levels.

Most people may have a million things to do but running on empty stomach will eventually do damage to your physical and psychological wellbeing. So try and have a healthy breakfast to boost your energy for the day.

Combat the stress of everyday life by taking time out on a regular basis to soak away your stress. You can go to a spa but if you can’t go to a spa you can easily enjoy a warm bath with bath oils and so on.

You can check into a nice hotel for the week end but remember you can still have a great time at home by putting the right things in place such as finding the time to take a good bath, reading a book you love or taking a yoga session/meditation. All these will definitely boost your energy levels.

You can also pamper yourself with a luxury manicure and pedicure topped up with a nice home make over. You will notice that your energy levels will be boosted.

Ten ways to a healthy life.

  1. Regularize your weight, so that you are neither overweight or underweight.
  2. Have regular eating habits with no snacking between meals.
  3. Eat a hearty and well balanced breakfast
  4. Do not engage in the use of abusive substances
  5. Try and get around seven to eight hours of sleep every
  6. Maintain a moderate and consistent exercise program
  7. Do not smoke
  8. Try and be stress free
  9. Have friends who make you laugh
  10. Accept yourself the way you are and do not take yourself too seriously and make laughter your friend.

Do you know your family medical history? When health check up is important.

Health check up is important when you know your family history. Most diseases when caught early can be cured or eliminated from the boy due to advances in science, technology and medicine. Knowing your family medical history from at least two generations ago is vital when it comes to early diagnosis of inherited disease or in cases where a family history is thought to be a significant risk factor, for example, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, diabetes, glaucoma. There are some preventative procedures that can be followed for people who are at risk of these inherited diseases.

Early detection and treatment can mean the difference between life and death so do your research and make a list. You’ll need to know the specifics about who had what and at what age.

Self regulate yourself on your sugar intake.

Self regulation and Temperance

Self regulation and temperance is strict adherence to that which promotes health. Self regulation and temperance is the elimination of such harmful things as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, caffeinated drinks, fatty foods and refined sugar.

One hundred years ago, it was believed the average American consumed about 40 pounds of sugar per year. Now it has jumped to at least 100 pounds per year. The use of refined sugar not only adds empty calories to our diet, but it destroys the body’s ability to fight off bacteria For example a regular supply of bedroom sixteen-ounce soft drink contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar which decreases the ability of our white blood cells ta-destroy bacteria by fifty percent. Beware that some fruits and fruit drink or smoothies will still contain lots of sugar. So fix your sugar intake or addiction with vegetables.

Tips to stop yeast infections.

Did you know that nearly seventy-five percent of all adult women have had at least one yeast infection, also known as genital candidiasis, in their lifetime (rarely, men can experience it, too), so most of us are familiar with the unpleasant symptoms of itching, discomfort and discharge. Generally, a weakened immune system, pregnancy or taking antibiotics can be blamed but you can also trigger an attack by wearing clothes that restrict the airflow, like tight-fitting jeans and tight (for okada riders) without a cotton panel, or using harsh soaps, medicated soaps and perfumed products. Avoid these and you cut the risk of an attack. It has also been stipulated that taking probiotic drinks and yogurt can help to fight yeast infections. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t pass it on to a partner. While he may have no symptoms, chances are he’ll just pass it back to you just as you thought you were on the road to recovery.

Birthday Special.

Today is a very special day to as today is my birthday. So I wish myself a very happy birthday.

Almighty God, thank you for all the good things you are doing in my life. I offer you prayers of thanksgiving and pray for long life and prosperity through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Thank you, thank you Lord. Onu mu juru na ekene.

The power of meditation.

True physical healing begins with the cleansing of our thoughts and feelings. All good and bad actions that affect our health have the mind as their source. If we continue to crave unhealthful practices, we will increase our risk of disease. Whatever we think in our minds determines how our physical world would look like. Therefore do not have a defeatist outlook. Do not play the victim. Always have the winner mentality even against all odds. Be a problem solver and try and find solutions to the problems that come your way.

Do you know how to check for this?

A proper breast self- examination (done at least once a month) goes like this. You should be lying on your back with your arms above your head so your breast tissue is evenly spread out. Knead the breast in small circles, starting at the nipple and working outwards towards (and including) the underarm area. But research showed that while self-examination raises awareness among women, by itself it does not cut the mortality rate from breast cancer. So make sure you are examined by a trained health professional on a regular basis. If you do feel a lump and your doctor says the mammogram shows nothing, you ask for a sonogram. In younger women, breast tissue is denser and mammograms may not show as much as they do in post- menopausal women.

Maximise your time and reduce pressure on yourself.

The secret of managing your time is to manage other people’s expectations of you by using the tactics of ‘under-promise and over deliver’. By this I mean promising someone less than you know you can deliver. This relieves the pressure on you and helps you to optimize your time. When a person expects less and then receives more, they see you as very efficient and you become attractive to them. What can you do to build in reserves of time in your life?