Five tips for happiness.

1. Make sure you have friends who make you laugh. That’s what’s friends are for.

2. Act on your vision. Don’t let your vision and goals go to waste.

3. Invest in reading good news. Most of the world’ news are bad and if that’s all you read, you’ll think nothing good ever happens. Look for stories that inspire or move you, that show the strength of the human spirit or how much good there is in the world.

4. The brain answers the questions its is asked, so ask your brain good questions all the time, Stop asking yourself negative questions like ‘Why am I so sad or angry? Instead ask your brain, ‘What would make me so happy today?’ or ‘What type of fun am i going to have this week? That way, your brain will find the right answers for you and make you happy.

5. Go for simplicity, take daily baby steps towards your big dreams, One step at time. It’s easy to clog up to-do lists with daily time consuming chores like (shopping, cooking or cleaning), but make room for your assessing and achieving your aspirations.