Month: November 2020

Five tips for good health.

Exercise: Gentle and mild exercises are encouraged. Exercise strengthens the lungs and provides the system with more oxygen. During exercise, the lungs are trained to breathe more deeply while we increase their ability to expand. Good posture: Practice deep breathing. Shallow breathing is often due to tight fitting clothes and poor posture. This causes blood […]

Stop bottling up your feelings.

Bottling up one’s feelings can actually led to heart disease a study found out. It is a god idea to stand up and speak out for all the things stressing you out. ‘Suppressed feelings can be associated with heart disease. Keeping a lid on your anger and sweeping things under the carpet can certainly rise […]

Be assertive.

Being assertive is a very pool to a great life. A life in which you will be confident and appear in control to your peers an people around you. Did you know that ‘No’ is an extremely powerful word which, in the early stages of transforming your life, can be most useful. The life coaching […]

Develop an inspirational environment.

A clean and well organized environment is vital to having inspiration and peace of mind. It is a good idea to develop an inspirational environment, both at home and at work. Create a tranquil, harmonious home as one of the cornerstones of your life. If the space you inhabit has a positive atmosphere, you’re more […]

Remove the energy blocks.

In order to progress fully, one need to remove the stagnant energy blockers. Once the energy blocks, clutters, limiting beliefs have been taken care of, you’ll find you’ve created more space in your life for positive energy. Consider what you can do to get more of this. Who and what gives you mental and emotional […]

Developing a winning mindset.

Developing the right attitude: 1. Build on your known strengths. Start from known to unknown. So you start with what you know is working well and go from there. 2. Distance yourself from negativity. Know that people who grow-negative labels and judge your actions all the time don’t help anybody. 3. Embrace positivity. Recognize that […]

Tips to promote love in your marriage.

Tips to promote an atmosphere of love and mutual fulfillment: Are you a romantic wife? If not, start making phone call to say, “I love you”. Leave special love notes for him and send thoughtful cards expressing your love in tender words. Give your spouse physical attention: Hold hands, touch tendency, hug and kiss often. […]

Live a high voltage life.

RECHARGE AND ADD ENERGY TO YOUR LIFE. Make a list of the top 10 things that you’re putting up with and make you feel stuck. Select four of these, address them and eliminate them by the end of the week. Revisit your list again and again and put a date by the side of each […]

Take charge of your life.

Learn to take charge of your life. In this busy world, where we’re all encouraged to be upbeat and positive and to say ‘yes’, many of us find it extremely difficult to say ‘no’. If you’re someone who is always chasing around after others, it’s highly likely that you need to learnt to say ‘no’ […]

Detoxify your life.

We all have a certain amount of ‘toxicity’ or blockage in our lives-issues, people and beliefs that block us, slow us down or drain our energy. We put up with clutter, niggling unfinished tasks and ‘less than ideal’ situations that divert us from the important things in life. If you want to be clear about […]