Month: November 2020

Boost your self esteem.

We owe it to ourselves to constantly boost our self esteem. No body will do that for us. Bearing that in mind, it is then imperative that we device ways of boosting our self esteem continually. Try repeating the following affirmation ten times every morning and evening to boost your self- esteem. ‘I know who […]

De junk your life.

Every once in a while it is good to de junk your whole life from emotional junk or baggage to physical surroundings. Occurring again. You can also de junk your feeding habits by cutting down on alcohol and junk food. You can follow these steps by indulging yourself in meditation and detox of your body […]

Every moment counts.

Most people become so busy that they have forgotten how to enjoy life and celebrate themselves. Become more present in each moment. Notice the abundance of nature and life. Live for every moment. Give yourself time to slow down, notice all the details of your day-today life and take advantage of the external and internal […]

Energize yourself.

Sometimes in life we get to a situation where we find ourselves at a road block. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself get over these blocks. Once your energy blocks, niggles, limiting beliefs and clutter have been taken care of, you’ll find you’ve created more space in your life for […]

Love your spouse the best way.

To acknowledge different kinds of love essential to each gender, does not mean that men do not need any of the love essential to women, and vice versa. It therefore implies that good understanding of these essential loves that your partner needs is a powerful tool for improving relationship and achieving great friendship with your […]

Take care of your feet.

The feet are the parts of the body that are easily neglected. But it is indeed very easy to take care of the feet. Apart of regular washing and moisturising of the feet and wearing feet coverings that fit, there are other measures that we can take to look after our feet If you’re going […]

The link between stress and arthritis.

Did you know that rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by stress and anger. This inflammatory condition, which can affect people at any age and causes pain and swelling in the joints. Bad-tempered people are often unhappy, this constant underlying anger actually causes physical changes in the body’s cells, leading to inflammation. Anger and stress reduction […]

Five tips for happiness.

1. Make sure you have friends who make you laugh. That’s what’s friends are for. 2. Act on your vision. Don’t let your vision and goals go to waste. 3. Invest in reading good news. Most of the world’ news are bad and if that’s all you read, you’ll think nothing good ever happens. Look […]