Relieve yourself of desk pressure and save your spine.

Studies have stated that one have to stand up and rest our backs while sitting down working on our desks. We are supposed to get up from our desks every two hours or hourly if we can. Then take a break of about ten minutes. This rests our backs from the pressure of constant sitting down and our eyes from constant stare on the screens. Of course, if you’re hunched over your desk all day, that’s going to cause aches and pains. But Business or work pressure and concerns about money also seem to make people hold themselves in a very stiff, tense way all the time.’ A study in the journal Spine suggested that people who react badly to stress were more likely to use the wrong muscles when picking things up. Massage and physiotherapy can help in the short term, but it is imperative to find ways to relieve the pressure. It helps to have a strategy at ways to ease your workload, and build in some routine in stress-management techniques such as gentle form of yoga or meditation which can help soothe anxiety. Taking regular breaks from our desks are more necessary now a lot of people are working from home.