Love your spouse the best way.

To acknowledge different kinds of love essential to each gender, does not mean that men do not need any of the love essential to women, and vice versa. It therefore implies that good understanding of these essential loves that your partner needs is a powerful tool for improving relationship and achieving great friendship with your spouses.

For example, when a woman expresses her trust and acceptance of her husband, he begins to reciprocate and automatically return his respect, devotion and care to his wife. In the same way, when a man shows care and expresses good understanding to his wife, she instinctively and automatically reciprocates with trust and appreciation of him.

Men become fully perceptive and appreciative of the love needs of women when their own primary or essential needs and desires are first fulfilled. Likewise, a woman can truly value and appreciate her man’s essential love needs and desires when her own parts are fulfilled.

A man feels empowered when he is trusted, accepted, appreciated, admired, approved of and encouraged. A woman’s encouraging attitude gives hope and courage to a man by imbibing confidence in his ability and character. To trust a man is to believe that he is doing his best and that he wants the best for his spouse.

A woman’s attitude and good character can indeed encourage her man to be all that he can be and motivates him to give her all the love needs and desires that she may need for a happy married life.