Be assertive.

Being assertive is a very pool to a great life. A life in which you will be confident and appear in control to your peers an people around you. Did you know that ‘No’ is an extremely powerful word which, in the early stages of transforming your life, can be most useful. The life coaching process itself encourages you to be positive and assertive. But often before you can do this you need to learn to say ‘no’ to anything or anyone that drains your energy and is not in your best interests.

In this busy world, where we’re all encouraged to be upbeat and positive and to say ‘yes’, many of us find it extremely difficult to say ‘no’. If you’re someone who is always chasing around after others, it’s highly likely that you need to learn to be in control of your life and start saying ‘no’ a lot more than you currently do. If something isn’t enhancing your life, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it worthwhile? Is it to please other people? Has it outlived its purpose in your life? If you don’t have a very good reason for doing something, just say ‘no’ to it! If you find it difficult, practice.

Stand in front of a standing mirror and let your mouth form the word ‘no’. Next time you’re faced with a request, buy yourself time by saying, ‘Can I think about it? or it depends. These two sentence will change your lfe in an enhancing way.

Someone once said, ‘if you never say “no”, then what is your “yes” worth?’ If you think about this for a minute, by saying ‘no’, what you are doing is creating the space for your ‘yes’ to really mean something.