Detoxify your life.

We all have a certain amount of ‘toxicity’ or blockage in our lives-issues, people and beliefs that block us, slow us down or drain our energy. We put up with clutter, niggling unfinished tasks and ‘less than ideal’ situations that divert us from the important things in life. If you want to be clear about your future, you need to get rid of as much of this ‘toxicity’ as possible.

What are the niggles, big and small, in your life at this moment? Maybe you haven’t really noticed until now all the little annoying things that are holding you back. We tolerate so many things unnecessarily. A negative friend, a freezer that’s too small, a music set, a photocopier that doesn’t work properly, a pile of ironing, unfinished paperwork, a wilting plant, a dirty car, a client who wears us down, -the list is endless!