Developing a winning mindset.

Developing the right attitude:

1. Build on your known strengths. Start from known to unknown. So you start with what you know is working well and go from there.

2. Distance yourself from negativity. Know that people who grow-negative labels and judge your actions all the time don’t help anybody.

3. Embrace positivity. Recognize that change can be fun and rewarding and know the difference.

4. Form or have a flexible approach- when something isn’t working, it’s time to change.

5. Know the place of softness and sensitivity at work and at home and know when to be being tough to achieve your aim.

6. Laughter is a great medicine. Put a sense of humour and spontaneity into your day to day life.

7.All work and no play….. Remember work is part of your life and find time to have a break and time for play.

8. Have a nice rapport with colleagues and your network. This is the best foundation for business. When the relationship is right, the business and promotions will follow.

9. Concentrate and focus on outcomes o that you can figure out how to get to your goal.

10. Be a good communicator. Be a good Listener, remember that the words are just part of the message, know that body language is also part of communication. You need all your senses to connect with the world.