Five tips for good health.

  1. Exercise: Gentle and mild exercises are encouraged. Exercise strengthens the lungs and provides the system with more oxygen. During exercise, the lungs are trained to breathe more deeply while we increase their ability to expand.
  2. Good posture: Practice deep breathing. Shallow breathing is often due to tight fitting clothes and poor posture. This causes blood to become impure because there is less oxygen for the system. Consequently, we become depressed, our concentration is lessened, and our digestion disrupted.
  3. Drink enough water: Make sure you take enough water. Water is essential for good respiration. The lungs are 75 percent water and we lose at least one pint of water in our exhaled breath each day.
  4. Air purifier: Get an air purifier. For those who drive daily in heavy traffic, a portable air purifier in your car would certainly be of great benefit. There are also purifying units for the home

5. Eat good food: Aim to have good nutrition. Nutritious food is always good for us. It keeps us nourished and helps boosts our moods. Go for healthy fruits, vegetables, fibre, lean meat, nuts and whole foods.