Month: December 2020

Christmas decorations – ideas.

Create a charming festive style with some of these Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree comes is so any different colours such as gold, red, white these days. You can also use baubles, tinsel, garlands that come in different gorgeous colours. Fill your Christmas stockings with sweets and chocolates. Decorate your table with nice gold, red […]

Guide to eating healthily.

Most diseases can be prevented by eating healthily. Our bodies respond to what is put into it. It is always right to start early to look after our health. Studies have shown that a diet lower in fat, protein and higher in complex carbohydrates decreases one’s risk of diseases. It is always advisable to reduce […]

The link between mind and body.

Most ailments that people suffer from may result from the state of the mind. Take a moment and have a realistic look at ways to ease ad manage your workload. Try some proven stress management techniques. The answer to solving your stress problems may not be because of so many files on our table but […]

How to motivate your employees.

Hold regular meetings so that employees can express their views Find out what motivates your staff as individuals. Introduce training programmes and workshops Create a blame-free environment so that staff can be innovative and learn from their mistakes Make employees feel involved in company operations.


—BE YOUR BEST!!!!! “Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur” Ever wondered while some people seem to get the best jobs, and keep moving to even better jobs with all the good corporate companies or keep setting up viable businesses. Below, is how you too can do it. Every organization has a unique culture […]

Remove the energy drainers

A major benefit in spring cleaning your life is the boost it provides to your energy flow. Successful people have more than enough energy -mental, physical and emotional -to carry their ideas and projects through to completion. Their energy visibly flows through them and can be contagious, captivating others and sweeping them along as things […]