Month: December 2020

Warning over Pfizer covid – 19 vaccine.

There has been a WARNING over the Pfizer vaccine immunization as two NHS staff in the UK suffer ‘anaphylactoid reaction’ after getting the covid vaccination, both healthcare workers are recovering from the reactions’: Regulators have urged people with history of ‘significant’ allergies NOT to have the injection. This comes just 24 hours after Britain kicked […]

Covid-19 vaccinations commences.

The UK has started it’s covid-19 vaccinations. A 90 year old woman was the first to receive the approved Pfizer vaccine. The vaccination would be done in different stages starting with the vey elderly first. The different age groups would be done at different times as the vaccines become more available.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Tips on developing the right attitude for a very high altitude 1. Recognise and build on strengths-start with what is working well and go from there. 2. Know that people who have negative labels and judgements don’t help anybody not even themselves. 3. Notice that change can be fun and rewarding and notice the difference. […]

The power of good effective presentation.

The ability to make effective presentations can make or break your route to success. Presenting yourself in a positive way effectively means both getting your particular message across and making a lasting impression on your audience about yourself and the organization you represent. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to present themselves as early as possible […]

Are you getting enough minerals.

Minerals are a vital part of having a healthy life. But most people do not know that they are not getting the recommended daily allowance nor how to go about getting it. Calcium is vital in maintaining bone strength and statistics show that most women are falling short of the recommended 1,000mg per day intake […]

Gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas is a time of giving and showing love to our family and friends. Remember it is the thought that counts. This particular year have been hard for so many people due to the pandemic. Bearing this in mind the most gift that we got this year is that we have our health intact. To […]

Eat right to get it right.

Did you know that most heart disease is reversible when we follow the right eating pattern. So eat right to get it right. Here are a few suggestions to help you get off to a good start on a healthy diet: It is better to bake, boil or steam foods, rather than fry. You can […]