Author: Ngozi Franca Okoye

Tips to organizing your life.

No matter what business you’re in. keeping things in order is key to your professional – and personal – success. Time is money. You have probably heard this saying thousands of times. Yet, like most of us, you are most likely still wasting a lot of valuable time because you are unorganized. To be successful […]

Tips to help you relax.

Consider the experiences you have over the past year. A lot of people found themselves experiencing high levels of stress due to the challenges of the past year due to the pandemic. There are also other life events that can also cause stress. These life events could have been a child leaving home, transferring to […]

The happiness factor.

Experts explored what real happiness is and stipulated what makes people happy. Some happy people say when they are happy and what makes them happy or unhappy (self expression). They do not have stiff upper lips. They do not pretend. They look after one another due to extended family system. Pride is also a factor […]