Author: Ngozi Franca Okoye

Form new habits this New Year.

Celebrate the present and accept that change is normal part of life. Be happy and thank God for what you have. Let God take care of all your problems, and lift the burden off your heart Volunteer your time in service to others, especially those in need, the poor and the sick. Understand that you […]

Get fit for the New Year.

A lot of us have stayed mostly indoors and getting little or not enough exercise. Let the New Year be the motivation into getting fit. It is difficult for most of us to be active enough these days. Especially these days of working from home. We need to put in more effort to keep fit. […]

Christmas decorations – ideas.

Create a charming festive style with some of these Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree comes is so any different colours such as gold, red, white these days. You can also use baubles, tinsel, garlands that come in different gorgeous colours. Fill your Christmas stockings with sweets and chocolates. Decorate your table with nice gold, red […]