Your emotions holds the key to your health.

Your emotions play a big role in how healthy you are or feel. Take a realistic look at ways to ease your workload. Try some proven stress management techniques. The answer may not lie in the office cabinet but inside your head…

Your Doctor is more likely to ask you which part of your body hurts most than ask if you’re angry. Putting it bluntly, negative emotions could well be at the root of your health problems. Suffice to let you know that all traditional healing practices, from ancient Chinese medicine to the early Egyptians, make the link between mind and body. It’s only conventional modern science that doesn’t usually connect the two. Suppressed emotions can contribute to many health problems It is not clear exactly how it works, but hundreds of years of evidence have shown that disease can be linked to what’s going on in your mind’.

In addition, some diseases can be linked to specific emotions, lifestyle plays a major part, but studies have shown personality traits seem to predispose people tc certain illnesses, too.

So if you want to stay in good health, coming to terms with your emotions could help as much as eating your vegetables and going to the gym… So free your mind for a healthy life.

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