Speak up – don’t bottle it up.

It is a good habit to speak up for things we believe or even when we feel hard done by so don’t bottle things up or sweep events under the carpet hoping they will go away.

Suppressed feelings can be associated with heart disease. Keeping a lid on your anger can certainly rise your blood pressure and could even cause heart spasms. A Belgian study found that heart patients who were socially inhibited and therefore unable to seek support, were four times more likely to have a second heart attack, while other research at Duke University Medical Center in the US showed those who were lonely or isolated-so less able to share their feelings- had a significantly higher risk of dying from heart disease. But before you let all that anger out by flying off the handle, other studies have suggested a hot temper may also be bad news for your heart.

Help yourself Get into the habit of talking over your feelings with your partner or a friend.Diet can also help you calm down. Boosting your intake of garlic and ginger will help lower your blood pressure, while a meal containing yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables will help fatty deposits in arteries, and their bright colour properties should give you a lift, too!

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