Rekindling your marriage.

There are many ways you can add romance to your marriage. Send flowers or make a phone call to say, “I love you”.

Leave a sexy note for your spouse or send a card that expresses your love. Give your spouse physical attention and open affection. You need to foster romance in your marriage. Romance leads to emotional intimacy.

Tips to promote an atmosphere of love and mutual fulfillment:

Are you a romantic wife? If not, tart making phone call to say, “I love you”.

Leave sexy notes for him and send thoughtful cards expressing your love in tender words.

Give your spouse physical attention: Hold hands, touch tendency, hug and kiss often.

Be submissive to your husband and be loyal to him in every way.

Take time to remain attractive both in spirit and on the outside. Show a rewarding serenity and maintain a steady feminine approach.

Never criticize and your attack husband’s ego.

Be aware, too, that your willingness to meet your partner’s sexual needs and desires-besides being an act of obedience to God – may very well prevent him from tailing into sin with someone who seems more ready to meet his needs than you are.

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