Rediscover yourself.


You must see yourself differently as we enter these ‘ember months. This is the time to reevaluate our lives especially during this pandemic. The mad rush to Christmas is starting as our ambition to break through life barriers builds up. These barriers include Social, financial, relationship, tribal etc. Whatsoever yours is or are, you must see through the magnifying glass to identify the end results.

A metaphorical story by a local church priest illustrates this perfectly well. Here it goes: A tree surgeon otherwise known as wood cutter makes daily trip to the market to sell just enough to feed himself for the day. On one occasion while on his usual trip, a man stopped him to dish out an advice. He said, “why don’t you cut and sell enough to last you for a week at least so that you don’t have to make these daily trips.” “Why that?” the surgeon asked. “So that you make sufficient amount to feed and buy yourself a wheel barrow, that will make your profession easier”. “After wheel barrow what next”, Mr tree surgeon said. The man told him that after that he could then go ahead to build a house as the wheel barrow would assist him to make more money. The tree surgeon appeared adamant and replied saying, “what next after building a house to live”. The man told him that he would go ahead to build an estate for rents and regular income. “Ok. after that what next”, he said again. “Of course after an estate you can now relax”, the man told him. The surgeon shouted, “what a long process to achieve relaxation”. He then told the man that he was relaxed doing his job.

Before beginning the journey of self-renewal, you must be willing to admit that you need improvement, development, correction and encouragement. Cut out the old habits, the bad relationships or the unhealthy attitudes that are success saboteurs. Be willing to admit deficiencies in your character, your skills your habits and lifestyle. Denial in any form will cause you to procrastinate and resist growth. Whether it’s poor time management, poor money management, low self-esteem, fear or doubt, you must identify the obstacles that are holding you back before taking the steps to overcome them.

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