Raising healthy balanced children.

Raising children who are balanced is not easy to accomplished. However this is a task that every parent hopes to achieve. From throwing tantrum as todlers to teenage assertiveness most children pass through these stages and still turn out great. You might hear things like I’m not eating this whilst dinner is being served in some homes across world. Conversely, some kids actually beg for beans and carrots. But those children live in other people’s houses. The rest of us cajole, coerce, and otherwise bribe or threaten our kids into consuming their vegetable quota for the day. Some of our ploys work; our kids even like certain vegetables. Some days we don’t even try. But when we’re determined, we’ve been known to shred and otherwise camouflage the nutritional gems, in the name of growing healthy children. Exasperating as the great veggie capers may be, parenting would be a breeze if this were our only challenge.

Setting the benefits and “yummy-ness” of carrots and other healthy foods pales in comparison to addressing the encompassing question of how to raise a healthy, happy, and balanced child.

Some days this requires more of us than we have to give. But it’s important to remember that even little changes can make a big difference. The effort is worthwhile because, after all, who really wants to raise (or live with) a child who is anything but happy, healthy, and balanced? Companies with massive marketing budgets are competing for kids’ attention from the time they’re toddlers. Picture some fast food chains and all the promotions geared towards children. So the next time you are in one of these restaurants order a healthy food for your child.

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