International day for women and girls in Science.

Today we celebrate International day for women and girls in science 2021.It is a known fact the the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field still need more women to show keen interest in it. It is also worthy to note that so many girls still shy away from studying science course or science oriented course such as Engineering.

Thus it is proper to continue to encourage girls to pick a career in STEM field. Research shows that STEM field pays significantly higher and therefore girls should take advantage of the times we are living in to pursue careers in the STEM field. Girls from a young age should be encouraged to like subjects like mathematics.

They should also be made aware that it is cool or trendy to be in STEM field. Furthermore the concept of beauty and brains should be imbibed that is to say that you can be beautiful and brainy at the same time.

At this juncture I wish all women and girls a Happy International day for women and girls in science.

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