How to solve problems that come up during project management.

Project managers face some unexpected problem during the cycles of project management. Listed below are some problems that one can face in a project management cycle and some possible solutions.


a. Loss/absence of a team member

Possible Solutions

(1) Plan back ups for each critical team Member. Analyse the skills you need and try to make sure at least two team members posses each skill


b. Vendor delays in shipping supplies.

Possible Solutions              

(1) Always check references of the vendor

Materials, or equipment

(2) Plan alternate sources for critical


(3) Plan regular follow-up for tracking

(4) Use incentive or penalty plans

(5) Look for possible substitutions


Over allocation or unavailability        

Possible solutions            

(1) Plan contingencies for critical

Of critical resource resources                         

(2) Shift resources from non-critical

tasks or projects

(3) Reschedule non-critical tasks

(4) Contract out

(5) Hire additional people


Budget slippage         

Possible solutions                                                

(1) Eliminate nonessential elements

(2) Look for cheaper substitutions

(3) Go beyond the contract to offer a bonus for improved cost or deliver

Project Management Success Tip: Keep a master file of the problems you encounter and your solutions (whether they worked or not). I f you encounter a problem once, you will likely encounter it again, and next time you will know what worked or what didn’t.

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