The fact that you are alive has an element of stress associated with that.  Stress is nothing but feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. There are two kinds of stress, eustress and distress. Eustress happens to us out of good emotions, for example when you are too happy or over excitement can cause us eustress. On the other hand, we have distress, which comes to us due to bad emotions, and that is the one that cause us more harm.

This is how to manage distress. When you feel stress, there are many things you can do, you can for example start doing exercises, engage yourself in sports, that will produce some good hormones in your body and help to relieve some of these stress. If there are certain things or certain people that give you stress, I tell you see them less often if they are going to cause you stress. We are talking about your life here. So if you have a lot of people or some people that cause you to be stressed, think of how you go around them, be prepared so that you do not feel that much stress when you are around them, if at all you have to be around them. There are some other things you can do to also relieve these symptoms of stress, you can take up cleaning, something as simple as cleaning your home can relieve stress. A tidy and organised environment has been proven to relieve stress. There are also some other things you can do to a reduce stress, you can take up yoga, you can take up meditation and of course you can pray, put everything in the hand of God. When you put all your problems in the hands of God, stress kind of releases. You have to go spiritual sometimes in order to help yourself. 

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