How to save yourself from jealous people.

Jealousy is the green eyed monster that eats up the soul. Jealousy stems from the feelings of insecurity, fear, resentment and lack of self esteem. That means that someone (Jealouser) is jealousing someone else (Jealousee) because of their status or that the jealousee have something that the jealouser feel that they cannot have. Envy and jealousy go hand in hand. Anybody who is constantly jealous is never happy, and the quickest way to age and look old is to feel jealous all the time. Nevertheless, there is really no point to feel jealous all the time. The world is so big that it can contain everybody and their different aspirations and ambitions.

The points below will help you know when someone is jealousing you.

They will be overcritical of you even when it is obvious you are performing well. They will fail to reason because a jealous person has lost all reasoning power as they are consumed by the power of jealousy.

They will assume the higher moral ground. This will enable them to hide under the cloak of righteousness to perpetuate their jealous plans which is to be judgemental.

They act as nice people to others except to the person they are jealous of. This enables them to hide their real intentions. They would always claim that they are concerned and that they want the best for you. But you know by yourself that interactions with these people don’t make you feel so good.

Most of these jealous people are control freaks and they have a god complex. They feel that the world should revolve around them. So they don’t feel happy when someone is better than them. So they try to berate the person. They try to dismiss the accomplishments of the person they are jealous of or even wish that the good things happened to somebody else because they are consumed by jealousy.

This is how to save yourself from jealous people.

First of all, you should feel happy that people are jealous of you. It means that you are worthy and have things that they don’t have hence why they are jealous of you.

Try and get on with your life as best as you can, do not let them demolarise or demotivate you. Be your biggest fan and your own biggest cheerleader so that their actions will not affect you whatever they do.

Know that the problem is not you but them. They are lacking in self awareness. Infact they deserve pity. So ignore them as much as possible or when you have the time you can offer explanations to them. But what ever happens don’t let their actions affect you.

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