Negotiating skill is very important in the world we live today in order to climb the corporate/ business ladder or any type ladder for that matter. In order to sharpen your negotiating skills, consider the following :

  1. What, exactly, does the other side want? Remember, there’s an open agenda…and a hidden one.
  2. Gather as much information as possible before you negotiate. The more you understand what they really want, the better the chances you may discover how to meet both your needs a win- win outcome.
  3. Remember that other people will try to make their problems your problems. “We absolutely can’t spend more than $200000.” Test claims immediately by asking. “If I could get better performance / time by spending an extra $50000? Would you be interested in even hearing about that?”
  4. Always use “superiority complex” when you negotiate. You are more powerful if you always ask to speak to someone higher to confirm r get more bargain. Take the time to consider the offer without the pressure to decide right now.
  5. Beware of “good guy/bad guy.” Everyone knows this trick.
  6. Never jump at a first offer, no matter how attractive. You can almost always do better.
  7. Keep the power to walk away. The minute you get so wrapped up in a deal that you can’t walk away from it is the minute your negotiating power stops.
  8. Get your deal up front. The value of services diminishes rapidly after the services have been performed.
  9. A simple “flinch” will often make your bargaining opponent change an offer in your direction.
  10. Never, never gloat. The goal of negotiation is always for both parties to feel as if they’ve won.

Ask for more than you should so the other party has room to bargain you down and let other person feel like a winner. Negotiating skill is very good skill to have. It will let navigate any situation.

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