How to develop the right attitude.

Getting the right attitude:

1. Build on strengths-start with your biggest talents and go from there.

2. Know that people who are overcritical and attach negative labels and judgements don’t help anybody.

3. Acknowledge that change can be fun and rewarding and notice the difference.

4. Cultivate a flexible approach- when something isn’t working, it’s time to change.

5. Realise that there is a time and place to be soft and sensitive as well as a time and place to be tough to get your point across especially in a work place.

6. Introduce a sense of humour and spontaneity into your day.

7. Recognise that work is part of your life so find time to play too.

8. Rapport with colleagues is the best foundation for business. When the relationship is right, the business will follow.

9. Envisage and visualise the outcomes you want. When you are clear about what you want you can go in the right direction.

10. Listen with empathy and convince the communicator that you are interested in what they have to say. Make eye contact.

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