Habits, Health & Happiness

Do you make your health a priority? Are you looking after yourself well? Are you happy enough? If not, decide to change your habits. Check the basics such as nutrition, exercise and sleep pattern to ensure that you are getting the right balance. Taking care of your health is a component of happiness.

Start now, do something about your bad habits.

Regular and mild exercise is essential

  1. Write three good habits that you have.
  2. Write three bad habits that you have.
  3. Which of these habits would you like to change and why?

Follow the tips given below to help you develop good habits.

  1. Celebrate the present and accept that change is normal part of life. Be happy and thank God for what you have.
    1. Let God take care of all your problems, and lift the burden off your heart
    1. Volunteer your time in service to others, especially those in need, the poor and the sick.
    1. Understand that you cannot control your family members. Spend quality time with your family during holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Sala etc.
    1. Eat and drink healthfully. Too much alcohol or the wrong kind of food can lead to nutritional imbalance leading to decreased energy and more stress.
    1. To relieve financial stress know your spending limit and stick to it.
    1. Try to find and enjoy free activities, example, join the church carol or a friend’s dinner/birthday party. You don’t have to spend money or stress out to have fun.

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