Focus and achieve your goal step by step.

To achieve your goal and determine if a goal will be successful ask yourself the following questions:

Is the goal stated in the positive way? Is the goal clear, Does it answer explicitly what you want? or what you would rather acquire?

• Am I doing this for myself or for someone else?

• Does the outcome rely solely on me if not who and who are involved?

• How will I know that I’ve achieved my goal that is is the measurable?

•. What will I be doing when I get it and how will feel?

• What resources do I need to acquire or achieve my goal?

• Have I done anything like this before or is it a complete new area?

• What is the really behind my desire to pursue the goal?

• What will I lose or gain if and when I get my goal?

• What will happen if I don’t get it and analyse the situation?

• What won’t happen if I don’t get it and explore other options or alternatives?

Reinforce your goals by creating vision diary that you will posting update regularly. Set a nice file that you will enjoy working with every day as well as some colourful posters showing the milestones reached in the pursuit of your goal.

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