Qsteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, affects millions of adults all over the world. Not only is it painful, it can also lead to severed disability and even premature death. But there are prevent a five measures you can take.

Thin and brittle bones occur due to the loss of bone mineral, which maintains the strength of our bones. This loss occurs over many years. The risk of osteoporosis depends on the amount of calcium stored in the bones in earlier life and the rate of loss during middle and old age.

There are a number of ways to help our bodies build strong and healthy bones, especially during childhood and adolescence. A diet rich in calcium and an active lifestyle are especially important. After about the age of 30 it is difficult to increase bone mass, but regular weight-bearing exercise can help to maintain your bone strength and reduce the rate of loss of bone mineral.

Protecting your bones can begin at any age. Here are a number of ways you can ensure healthy bone growth:

Include at least 800mg of calcium in your diet each day. This is roughly equivalent to a pint of milk, bog almonds, 50g steamed tofu or a large bar of chocolate. Add green leafy vegetable to your diet

Take regular weight- exercises such as walking running, or high-impact activities such as aerobics.

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