Month: July 2020

Why is it that I sometimes jump suddenly, just as I am about to fall asleep?

This phenomenon is known as a myoclonic jerk, and it has been suggested that it is a throwback to our remotest ancestors who lived in the wild, and that humans developed this reflex to prevent themselves falling off the branches of trees as they dozed off. But this is a romantic folk story for which […]

Healthy living with Dr Franca: Plantain and egg stew. A nice delicious heart warming meal.

Ingredients Plantain Eggs Vegetable oil Fresh Tomatoes Onions, spring onions salt, pepper, seasoning Directions Cut the plantain and fry in the vegetable oil until golden brown. Place a saucepan with vegetable oil on the heat, add salt. Chop the onions and to the oil. Beat some eggs together in a plate and add to the […]